ensuring railways are

safe, secure

and on track


The Occurrence Investigations department investigates railway occurrences. The objectives of conducting these investigations are to determine the facts of the occurrences, determine the immediate and root causes and make recommendations to prevent or reduce the risk of recurrence. The department comprises of four units, namely, Human Factors Management, Railway Security, Investigations, and Board of Inquiry. Their key functions are as follows:
  • Investigations Unit that conducts investigations on occurrences.
  • Board of Inquiry (BOI) Unit that is responsible for coordinating and facilitating all BOIs. These are independent investigations that are chaired by an independent lawyer and may comprise of industry experts.
  • Railway Security that collaborates with relevant organs of State such the South African Police Service (SAPS) and railway police and with railway operators to ensure the security of staff, contractors, and rail users.
  • Human Factor Unit which deals with human factor issues during the occurrence investigations and Board of Inquiries as well as:
    • To oversee the licensing and review competency assessments of Safety Critical workers.
    • To provide technical information/inputs for technology reviews.
    • To provide consultancy/advisor services in Human Factors domains.
    • To provide applied human factors training for the advancement of knowledge.